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YouTube meditation is an excellent deepening element, especially as the storage and visualization of image and film impressions is an elementary component of hypnotherapeutic treatment strategies. However, not all people can be addressed for this sensory channel, so the therapist must check the indication for a YouTube meditation in each individual case. For clarification, let’s choose an example from long-term therapy sessions.

I have often inspired clients to bring a souvenir from their holidays, such as a stone with a stained surface. After successful trance induction with the achievement of a meditative state of rest, I then establish the metaphorical analogy to the remote control – something we humans love so much – in a deep state of relaxation. Each punctiform spot on the stone is assigned individual media channels, which can be called up in a concentrative state of relaxation, i.e. by focusing on the inner world of experience, by pressing a specific button.

Yes, you heard correctly, therapeutically supported relaxation techniques are not only aimed at muscular toning, but are also a highly concentrative process of introspection, i.e. the shift of the exposure perspective from the external to the inner psychic world of experience. If a child is burdened with intervening self-esteem crises in the present context, I can first work out his strong personality and behavioral components with the child as a therapist.

The therapist then visualizes these small film sequences again intensively with the child and finally assigns them to certain channels of his personal remote control, i.e. programs them on it. In conclusion, he then instructs the child to stand apart in critical and frightening situations of social confrontation.

There the child can then carry out the learned process of introspection and load and watch short strength-giving channels of the remote control he or she carries with him or her at the push of a button. Whether the child wants to or not, it will be controlled unconsciously and will increasingly gain self-confidence and social competence in a gradual learning process. Similar analogies can also be constructed and used for adults.

The Youtube meditations presented here, all of which are also self-produced, may serve as effective film impressions against the therapy background described, with which everyone can also occupy the channels of his imaginary remote control and thus generate power potentials.

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