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We humans succeed in restoring an inner-psychic equilibrium and harmonizing our emotional responses in the sense of psychic hygiene when we reconcile our unconscious soul identity, which lives within us, with our conscious human mental power, in other words when we can commit both to a constructive alliance of work. In current world-historical events, political, religious and social currents – especially their standards and values – are drifting in a fatal direction worldwide and culturally dependent. Bearing instances of reason, a collective assumption of responsibility and a demand for humanity are gradually being lost and are increasingly submitting to an unreflected quest for power and profit, which criminally neglects the care of one’s own psychic hygiene.

Why do so many people around the world get out of control with predominantly egocentric self-exposure by defining their perception of reality as universally binding and obligatory? Why do many people deliberately harm humans, animals and nature in this way, endanger the existence of this highly vulnerable planet in the projection of the future? Certainly, the vulnerabilities of the human mind – its individually varying degrees of uncontrollability and influenceability, its impatience and its pathological characteristics, often also caused by organic brain functions – play a considerable part in the disturbance of a healthy steady-state.Psychic Hygiene

Ultimately, however, according to my basic therapeutic understanding, too many young and inexperienced souls are sent to this training ground by the governing bodies of our spiritual world, our true home up there. They make serious procedural mistakes in chain reaction – especially in their emotional allocation – without being able to even begin to call to mind the human spirit, which, as it were, causes unrest, due to their blatant immaturity.

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