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The return of our soul into a new life, the slipping into a new body, is another step on a long way of earthly incarnations, thus physical life, which our soul goes through, which allows it to mature with every journey of experience. Each of these learning steps we experience in our physical embodiment like a dream of reality. This means that every human being perceives the world created by God around him in his very own way, that is, develops a very subjective picture of reality and its underlying laws and anchors it deeply in himself.

With our return to a new earthly existence we bring with us a large fund of individual characteristics and abilities from previous lives, i.e. an immense wealth of experience that constitutes our unmistakable identity, our immortal soul.

With our rebirth, the world initially seemed to us like a tremendous flow of diverse energy flows, and we were the leaders of events with clear goals and planning drafts. But soon we were under the influence of our environment and focused our attention mainly on the material values of our earthly existence. We let ourselves be disturbed again – as in many previous lives – and drifted away from our predefined paths. We plunged back into our dream and gradually lost our magical powers.

It is important to wake up again and to remember that all people perceive the reality surrounding them only as a dream. It is a matter of sharpening one’s own conscious actions, freeing oneself from external control influences and taking the wheel again for one’s own way of life. It is important to feel these own forces consciously, to be sure that we are a magical part of ourselves with great power development. If we succeed in filling these own potentials of strength with life and contents again, then the dream of the reality, the arrangement of our life will follow according to our own desires.

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