Dipl.-Psych. M. Höffken


During my many years of professional experience as a clinical therapist, but especially as a hypnotherapist in my own practice, I have repeatedly written my own therapeutic metaphors and stories, i.e. lyrics, on a case-oriented basis. As a targeted intervention in therapy sessions, these texts usually have a much more intensive symbolic and expressive power. Because it is highly probable that they are deposited specifically in the unconscious of the client. Whether people want to or not, they feel – mostly unconsciously controlled – called upon to take up these messages again and again and to integrate them into their everyday life in a solution-oriented way.

Here you can view all metaphors and lyrics from the previously published guided meditations and combine them with the visual impressions of the corresponding YouTube meditation. If you press the buttons “spoken texts”, you will be directed directly to the corresponding pages where the lyrics for the guided meditations are published. In particular, they have the opportunity on these pages to leave comments with their own impressions of the lyrics on offer.

Analogous to the course of a meditation, the lyrics are divided into an introductory trance induction, the following therapeutic metaphor and finally the end of the trance. With trance induction I lead the clients step by step and gently into a state of deep relaxation. They are then directed towards their inner world of experience and more receptive to the messages of our unconscious. The core of a guided meditation, namely the case-specific therapeutic metaphors and teaching stories, let us humans make a fleeting contact with our soul. If we accept and allow this, the soul gives us important power impulses and messages in conclusion. We can use these for a much more creative way of life. In a final step, the end of the trance, I carefully lead the client back into the conscious everyday world. Most people feel strengthened after a guided meditation like this one.

Lyrics - Copyright Michael Höffken

Mirror of the World

Dream of Reality

Stage of Life