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Trance Induction:

As always, I invite you for today’s soul journey to create a relaxed atmosphere, a shelter where your body can come to rest, relax. As you close your eyes, shift the focus of your attention to your breathing rate and imagine that with every deep breath you let a vital feeling of life flow into you, that with every exhalation you let the weight of everyday life fall away from you and relax your body.

Take your time and find your very own places of muscular tension again. As you increase the depth of your breathing with decreasing frequency, you feel a pleasant warmth flowing through all your problem areas – your spine, your shoulders, wherever your sensitive body areas send you signals. Your thought activity still revolves around the necessary overcoming of your everyday burdens, but – accompanied by your emotional world – also around the beautiful things of this life.

With every breath, step by step, your attention is now magnetically attracted by my voice. Calm returns and the secular clock seems to stop. In this precious moment of silence, you feel that all responsibility, control and time obligations fall away from you. For this precious moment you can detach yourself from your worldly attribution of roles, you can run inexperienced film sequences of your life.

With an unpleasant feeling, almost painfully you suddenly realize that all too often you stare like the snake at the rabbit, mainly at the theatres of your life, where you bring yourself to the dock, where you irreconcilably go to court with yourself, where you waste a lot of time working out and maintaining your negative parts, instead of enjoying what you have achieved with pride and loving yourself for it. Now let this burden also fall off your shoulders and turn to the expanse of your consciousness.

You feel the doors and rooms gradually open with every breath. In this precious world of very dense energetic wave patterns and impulse currents, a pleasant warmth spreads, a true symphony of musical and light currents. Besides the variety of your thoughts – your reason – there is also the sea of your feelings at home into which you can immerse yourself. There you can reconcile yourself with yourself, there you can give people around you their own impulse waves of comfort, peace and loving feelings completely unselfishly. There you feel intensively how these values of compassion, forgiveness and love given to us people can swing together and merge into a harmonious working alliance. As you adjust and deepen the rhythm of your breathing more and more, your body relaxes, warm and intense wave patterns spread pleasantly within you.

Grant yourself a formulaic self-prescription by assigning yourself pride, forgiving your human fallibilities, but also allowing yourself the right to enjoy happiness. But also be sure that a meditative journey like this is not an autonomous and light-footed miracle with a guarantee. The conciliatory dissolving of the often painful contradictions of our thoughts, the living out, but also the regulation of our emotional worlds – all this can only succeed in a gradual and creative learning process of consciousness expansion, inner harmony and soul maturation.

Success only comes with the regularity with which meditative impressions are experienced and finally implemented on the earthly level of action. If with today’s journey you manage a small step on this path, then you are on a good way to become a shining and loving source of strength, which can stop the time, which can direct its power impulses for fleeting moments of meditation also to other humans, who can help these humans with their meditative exercises. Before we close the tension curve of our thoughts for today and step out of our trance again, I invite you to climb the stairs of spiritual spheres for a fleeting moment and accompany today’s stage of soul maturation.

Therapeutic Metaphors/Stories (Stage of Life):Stage of Life

When we have fallen asleep and dream, then our conscious mind is also in a sleep-like state of rest. At the same time, our mind can hardly intervene in the transmission of our world. Rather, he accepts all impulses and circumstances flowing in largely unthinkingly. Even when we are awake, we humans often have a rather resignative basic feeling that the reality in which we live resembles a dream that seems to exist autonomously for itself, which hardly allows for possibilities of intervention. Most people have resigned themselves to having to submit to their supposed fate.

Occasionally they use their own abilities – often also unconsciously controlled – to deal with their environment. Ultimately, however, real goal- and solution-oriented changes rarely result. If we learn to accept that the reality surrounding us is to be interpreted as a dream created and given to us by God, then we can also learn that we can certainly intervene in the form of a meaningful way of life with the also given consciousness of our mental control possibilities.

This is exactly what God the Creator wanted and represents our maturing process in a positive sense. If we allow ourselves to briefly leave this stage of life – metaphorically thought – and dive into an observer role at a safe distance, then we will get a clear understanding of what has happened to us so far. We recognize our entanglements with mostly externally determined role assignments, which are too often unintentionally imposed on us. We suddenly expose various behavioural patterns of others, which aim sharply to address expectations and demands on us, often inappropriately press us and instrumentalize us for foreign goals, but also to love us and in individual cases also to let help and understanding be granted.

So when we use this constructive observer role to free ourselves from a paralyzing and dependent stagnation game, to finally let the consciousness and clarity of our mind take effect, then first we often become painfully aware of why we have to act in a certain way, depending on the situation, what we would really wish for. How can a forward-looking solution look like?

If we can return to the stage of life in a figurative sense, while retaining the spotlight perspective of the observer just mentioned, then we have the magical approach to change in our hands, with our own control options, which we can now implement with reason and conscious understanding. Then – metaphorically speaking – we understood the game of life as a stage of life, can use it in our sense and direct it in a targeted way. For example, we can question ourselves self-critically why we almost regularly feel, react and act in a certain way, whether there are not alternative solutions for certain problem areas. We can thus enter into a targeted planning work for our future life goals.

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At the end of today’s soul journey let us descend again the stairs of spiritual spheres to the conscious level of your human imagination, your world of thoughts. The power of your thoughts can spread as an intense source of compassion, shared responsibility, selfless love and forgiveness without temporal and local limits and radiate to other people. Especially the people who vibrate with these basic values, but also those in need of help receive your wave patterns empathetically, sometimes unconsciously. If there are positive overlaps, the physical principle of interference takes effect, in that both wave patterns overlap and increase in their amplitude, in their amplitude. Whether they want to or not, these people are then addressed in particular.

If you succeed in spreading your reconciliatory sources of light and power in waves, then a network of lovingly conciliatory exchange and togetherness will also be consolidated worldwide. If, in this sense, you cultivate the principle of giving and not primarily taking, that is, you are ready to meditate for others wherever on this planet, then whenever more and more people stop in conciliatory self-reflection, time will stop and also begin to meditate regularly. Then a worldwide network will unfold, in which – often without knowing of each other – many human sources of mind will connect with each other, vibrate with each other. Basic values of compassion and forgiveness, forgiveness and love can once again become the pillars of our human togetherness and, despite healthy and necessary areas of friction, create peace worldwide.

Now shift the focus of your attention back to your breathing rate and register how it harmonizes miraculously with your heart activity. Take a deep breath, enjoy all the power impulses of your meditative experiences, the lightness and freedom of your thoughts, all the conciliatory and positive intentions. As you breathe out, the last remaining doubts about your true greatness and your ability to bring about meaningful changes disappear.

Repeat this process several times and feel how with each inhalation your body builds up more and more a healthy pre-tension, how all your often hidden resources unfold on the thought level, how accustomed references to life slowly loop back into your world of thought. Feel how with every exhalation you come closer to your accustomed outside world, also as the fascinating circle of my voice gradually dissolves. Stretch your body again before you finally open your eyes and can find yourself relaxed and strengthened again in your accustomed everyday life.

As usual, I encourage you to use the following days to preserve the film sequences of experienced meditation journeys, to reactivate them again and again in your world of thoughts and to let them actively flow into the references to action in your coping with life. If you succeed increasingly, then be sure, soul and spirit will find and mature to a harmonious unity, then you will be able to make your life much more constructive with less self-doubt. More information on YouTube Channel