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Trance Induction:

Since we are here in a protected therapeutic framework, I take the liberty of using the “you” in the title. For this form of meditation you should create a rest room in which you can dive into a basic trust while sitting or lying down, throw off the burden of the day and plan our musical therapeutic journey together. Together we will dive into a remote world and thus create a healthy distance to the often stressful reality. Trust in your God-given driving power, in the free will provided by the Creator, who has already carried you through this life with all its coincidences and turns, who thus also expressly allows you to grant you this creative journey, this therapeutically supported time-out. Let inspiring impressions work on you without any struggle, without any need for control, to have to weigh up decisions as well as “wrong and right” against each other. Just trust in your own power impulses, in your intuitions. They will give you lightness, will let you float, will harmonize soul and spirit.

Now briefly shift your attention to your respiratory rate. Take a deep breath, hold the breath, the muscle tension of your chest briefly and then let all the burdens of the day fall away with the exhalation, let your body more and more into a state of rest with each exhalation. Repeat this exercise several times, strengthening more and more an inner state of rest, a harmonious equilibrium of your feelings and thoughts. Everything balances out, especially tense muscles are able to gradually reduce their tone. With every breath a God-given lightness flows into your body, with every exhalation tensions fall away from you, a calming and soothing trance state spreads out in you, even though your mind, your human spirit remain active and ordered. Before we go on the journey, allow yourself to drift gently in a pleasant flow of thoughts and feelings. always with the basic confidence that this journey will lead you safely back to the place where we started together today. Now I invite you to begin today’s journey into the world of souls.

Therapeutic Metaphors/Stories:

As a hypnotherapist practicing for many years in clinical context, but also in free practice, I have emphatically accompanied many people on their problem journeys, also offering them alternative solutions for coping with life in the form of therapeutic metaphors and stories. At the same time I have worked with them on the origin of their unique soul identity, thereby making it clear to them that they have gone on a new earth journey as souls in this host body with predefined planning drafts and prescriptions of goals in order to make new learning experiences in order to advance their own soul maturation.

Let us choose a hypnotherapeutic introductory metaphor from the animal kingdom for a better understanding of our reality. A lion child is exposed to the trauma of being abandoned by his mother and ultimately excluded from his family’s shelter. A merciless struggle for survival begins, in which the lion child has to expose itself to the dangers of this world alone without any maturity for life. Exhausted and thirsty, the young lion finally reaches a desert area and finds a lonely spring with fresh water in a wondrous turn. Relieved, the lion child bends down to drink the precious water. The young lion recoils at the last moment because he sees his reflection on the surface of the water, but because of his immaturity he interprets it as a potential enemy who wants to claim this water source for himself. Several attempts of deterrence fail until the lion’s child weakens and desperately makes the decision to face the fight, otherwise death by dying of thirst threatens him. A first cautious blow with the paw on the water surface seems to intimidate the alleged enemy immediately and force him to retreat. The young lion can finally drink the life-saving water and then falls into a restful sleep. After the lion child had to endure some “battles” at this waterhole, it nevertheless moved out into the world with a strengthened image of itself and had thus made an elementary leap of maturity for its further overcoming of life.

What does this metaphor tell us? God the Creator has prepared this world for us in the form of a screen that reflects all our dreams, thoughts and feelings, all our ideas of reality – and this in holographic, i.e. 3-dimensional representation. From this mirror of the world it follows that every human being matures a very individual view of reality, i.e. carries a very personal view of the world within him/herself. In a wondrous way, this screen adapts to the individual perception of each person, thus giving them the opportunity to shape the world according to their own wishes. But how can he succeed?

Experience reports of souls – won in hypnotherapeutic feedback sessions – suggest that the divine screen also contains a film screen hidden from us humans. There are stored in infinite number as in a huge library all scripts of the life of every person from past, present and future, because in the spiritual world up there, in our true home, earthly concepts of time have no meaning. In nightly dreams, for example, our soul is able to fly into this magical, superconscious space, to get solution-oriented suggestions from the rich world of experience of our past lives, which it can then offer us for problem solving.

When our conscious human mind and our unconscious soul spirit, which inhabits our body for this life, are in harmonious harmony, i.e. are able to enter into a working alliance, then a mental energy can be released as magical power, as unity, which is even able to reach up there this back magical screen of our spiritual world, to pick up individual contents there and also to let them become material reality for our life. Man then reaches a higher level of consciousness and is able to shape reality according to his wishes with this tool, but only in a gradual process of approach and adaptation that requires patience and willingness to learn.

However, if man reduces himself to the front screen as mirror of the world, i.e. to our material reality, and tries to exert corrective influence on it, then man quickly runs the risk of subjecting himself to external influences as well as social norms and values – such as competitive pressure, greed for power and money, as well as an exaggerated desire for achievement and a lack of humanity. Man then increases more and more into a reduced and thus distorted view of the solution, which in the end will make him unhappy, mostly also overtaxed, because only rarely do people worldwide care for the common good in an appropriate form.

Only when man reaches a higher level of consciousness through the harmony of soul and human spirit and thus also – with impressions from the spiritual world – the back of the divine world screen, then true solutions open up in abundance. However, a person has to practice patience at this higher level of value. If we compare human thought dynamics with a game of chess in our daily coping with life, then solution variants can probably be played through in the working alliance with our soul, but not directly called up and converted into material reality. But if man is able to focus his mental energy impulses purposefully over a longer time axis, then he can be sure that his personal perception of reality will gradually be enriched by his own new choices, which can then also become material reality.

It will be of decisive importance for every person that he is inspired by the certainty that this life still has positive changes in store for him. Only this hopeful perspective can dispel the dangers of negative previous expectations and strengthen a positive assessment of personal attitudes towards fate. Only then can a mirror image on the front of our world screen that is conciliatory and self-value-supported for us be permanently consolidated and ultimately also materialize, that is, become reality in our human perception of mirror of the world.

Trance-Finish:Mirror of the World - Michael Höffken

We now leave the level of meditative lightness as usual and prepare to return to our earthly references to life. Breathe in and out deeply a few more times and enjoy that your human mind comes into a fleeting harmony, into a cautious dialogue with your superconscious soul identity and begins to think in larger superordinate dimensions. Be sure that you take important and valuable impulses with you as you immerse yourself again in your everyday life. However, they often remain on an unconscious processing level, seem to have evaporated again at first. But by listening more often to the voice of your soul, you can take these impulses and actively integrate them into your life context. Appeal to your mind to give your soul more say, more leadership. Thank your soul that it exists and is there for you when you need it.

Our journey is nearing its end, the tension is closing. I’m going down slowly from five to one. You will then arrive physically refreshed and mentally inspired in your living world again. 5 – You say goodbye to your destination today. But you keep in yourself the certainty that you can visit this recreation point, this place of knowledge again at any time, let yourself be inspired again. 4 – You perceive your body, the wondrous variety of its functions more consciously again. 3 – Allow yourself some soothing deep breaths to find your way back into the usual rhythm of life, to feel yourself more consciously. 2 – Use your usual strategies to stretch your body and get it back into a healthy preload. 1 – You have returned to your starting station, to your life. You open your eyes, feel rested and mentally and physically strengthened.

I encourage you to use the following days to let film sequences of this journey flood by and have an effect. However, you have received new tax impulses from your soul. These will flow into your life – whether you like it or not – whenever you become part of your reality, your reality, if you only become more receptive to it. More information on YouTube Channel