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The variety of our sensory impressions, the multitude of external stimuli that flow in, all this demands your processing power in order to master the many challenges of your everyday life. All these “theatres of war” of your life make you run at a high level of acceleration every day, making it difficult to find peace. To restore an inner steady state, a healthy balance of your feelings and thoughts, however, it makes sense to take time out every day to calm down and regain control, to recharge your “life battery” not only at night, but also during the day to regain strength for new challenges.

In order to open the door for a lastingly effective meditation, for a calming trance state, it is indispensable to first shift one’s own attention from the external perspective into the inner world of experience. You should put aside all external work orders, all intentions and plans, simply take yourself out of the ring for the duration of the meditation, arouse your curiosity for the valuable impulses from your inner world, from this protected space that is created only for you, where you may feel free. There provided, valuable and new learning stimuli become free when your conscious human mind, your unconsciously controlling human spirit and your superconscious soul identity come into a fruitful exchange of information and thoughts. Keep a basic confidence that we will return safely and safely to our starting point after today’s trip.

Listen in a 1st trance step of your lively variety of thoughts, which is still intensively concerned with tasks of the outside world. Take any time in the world for it. While in a second step your unconscious mind carefully switches on, paves the way to higher levels of consciousness, to a true trance experience, you already feel how your respiratory rate adjusts, how your muscle tone gradually weakens. Take your time, start a short journey through your body in a further step, look for places of usual tensions and enjoy how you can gradually let go. In a 4th step you experience beneficially that an inner peace spreads in you, that you gradually approach the expanse and power of your inner world. In a final trance step, allow yourself to focus your attention entirely on your inner conference room in a relaxed atmosphere, where you can experience valuable strategies for your further coping with life. You have arrived in your innermost being, you can feel accepted, appreciated and safe, above all free. Now I invite you to begin today’s stage of our earthly soul journey.

Dream of Reality

Therapeutic Metaphors/Stories:(Dream of Reality)

The return of our soul into a new life, the slipping into a new body, is another step on a long way of earthly incarnations, thus physical life, which our soul goes through, which allows it to mature with every journey of experience. Each of these learning steps we experience in our physical embodiment like a dream of reality. This means that every human being perceives the world created by God around him in his very own way, that is, develops a very subjective picture of reality and its underlying laws and anchors it deeply in himself.

With our return to a new earthly existence we bring along a large fund of individual characteristics and abilities, thus an immense wealth of experience, which constitutes our unmistakable identity, our immortal soul. We can listen to the wondrous phenomena of nature, we can empathise with the charisma and aura of man and animal, so to speak we can communicate with our fellow human beings and form relationships with them.

With our rebirth, the world initially seemed to us like a tremendous flow of diverse energy flows, and we were the leaders of events with clear goals and planning drafts. But soon we were under the influence of our environment and focused our attention mainly on the material values of our earthly existence. We let ourselves be disturbed again – as in many previous lives – and drifted away from our predefined paths. We plunged back into our dreams and gradually lost our magical powers.

All too often we have to admit to ourselves the basic impression that our life passes us by like a dream film, like a dream of reality, whereby we cannot specifically intervene in this transmission, but rather the reality surrounding us controls us externally. It is important to wake up again and to remember that all people perceive the world surrounding them only as a dream of reality. It is a matter of sharpening one’s own conscious actions, freeing oneself from external control influences and taking the wheel again for one’s own way of life. It is important to feel these own forces consciously, to be sure that we are a magical part of ourselves with great power development. If we succeed in filling these own potentials of strength with life and contents again, then the dream of the reality, the arrangement of our life will follow according to our own desires. I invite all those interested to follow this path step by step, to expand their maturity and consciousness.

Trance-Finish:Weltraumimpressionen - Space Engine Lizenz Michael Höffken

Today’s stage of our journey is coming to an end, it is necessary to get closer to our accustomed living world again, to leave this highly valuable conference room deep in you with all its majestic size and peace, with its undreamt-of source of strength for today. But keep in yourself the certainty that you can let all the film sequences of what you experienced and learned there pass you by at any time, if you allow yourself to regularly listen to your inner world, to access the databases stored there. You can reactivate conciliatory impressions, empathise and actively integrate them into your life context. You can gradually approach yourself to confront yourself with irreconcilable and frightening, but elementarily important learning contents and feelings, to endure this encounter and then to regain healthy distance.

However, together we will now take the steps back into your daily waking consciousness. Although you don’t have a concrete sense of time about how long today’s trip was, a refreshing and hopeful feeling of having done something important for you and your life revives you. In a 1st return step you will reach your manifold body sensations in a more sustainable way. Your human existence takes on its usual contours again. In a subsequent step my voice already penetrates louder into your ear. At the same time you register your regular respiratory rate, your well-balanced, calm and strong heart activity. With each breath, freshness pulsates through your body, strengthens a healthy willingness to change, with each exhalation you let residual doubts fall away from you. In a last step you stretch your body once again – as in the morning awakening. You open your eyes and feel pleasantly a recognizable regenerative recharging of your energy stores.

Finally, as usual, I encourage you to follow up the impressions of our journey in the following days and to let them flow into new life-technological decisions. Be certain, on an unconscious processing level, in creative interaction with our soul, every learning experience, every lesson of our life journey is explicitly stored. This constantly growing pool of experience is always available to you if you are prepared to actively integrate it into your conscious life context.