Flashes of my Work

This page presents flashes of my work in the form of a constantly growing library, i.e. an already comprehensive picture material. In my profession as a therapist and as an experienced studio musician and sound engineer I also deal with the creative fields of professional image processing and the production of meditation videos. All in all, this approach certainly differs noticeably from the normality of familiar meditation offers, from monotonous tapestries of sound and stereotypical still images. Visual and auditory impressions flow harmoniously into each other. Therefore, it makes sense to create a library. There I regularly save pictures to keep a meaningful overview of all my projects on the timeline.

In the library I always present pictures from my studio work, which have been processed with different software components. In individual cases, these can be montages or still images extracted from self-produced meditation videos. In the video area, futuristic space impressions are created with special production tools in order to atmospherically depict the actual world of our souls. Professional editing software guarantees video productions on an appropriate industry standard. In the recording studio I use various high-class editing possibilities for mixing and mastering as well as several effect plug-ins. This library will expand step by step, accordingly all interested parties are invited to visit this page regularly.

I am frequently asked in FAQs whether in particular the photomontages from space can be purchased in larger image formats. Unfortunately, I cannot comply with these wishes. I personally decided to make my images available to the public only via this internet-supported way of my website.

Photoshop Montages

Spherical image impressions from space that reflect our human imagination of our universe, but also of neighbouring galaxies. The licensed software engine used for this uses mainly NASA data storage, obtained by space-based telescopes.
  • Image 1

    Image 1

  • Image 2

    Image 2

  • Image 3

    Image 3

  • Image 4

    Image 4

  • Image 5

    Image 5

  • Image 6

    Image 6

Video From YouTube

Some Space Engine Impressions. The Video Productions can be viewed on the Video Site
Library - Copyright Michael Höffken
  • Space Engine 1

    Space Engine 1

  • Space Engine 2

    Space Engine 2

  • Space Engine 3

    Space Engine 3

  • Space Engine 4

    Space Engine 4

  • Space Engine 5

    Space Engine 5

  • Space Engine 6

    Space Engine 6