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As a hypnotherapist practicing for many years in clinical context, but also in free practice, I have offered many people (children, young people, adults, families) a form of meditative self-help. In particular I was allowed to accompany her emphatically with the technique of meditation on her problem journeys. In the form of therapeutic metaphors and stories, I have also opened up alternative and tangible solutions for their immediate coping with life.

We humans are all children of this planet, but each of us is an individual and unique creation. All of us are based on the computer model in the analogy of our cognitive processing power. Figuratively speaking, three basic system languages (Windows, Linux, Mac) have been established in accordance with religious beliefs. With this metaphor, all human behavior patterns can be emotionally evaluated in their development (genesis) and restructured in a solution-oriented manner in the therapeutic approach. In addition to hypnotherapeutic strategies, “guided meditation” is also an effective instrument for emotional stabilization.

Emotional Stabilization

If we stick to this conclusion by analogy, it is particularly important to use elementary “cleaning programs” (antivirus and cleaning programs) therapeutically. More than other techniques, they can make a valuable contribution to the regular restoration of an inner steady state of physical, mental and emotional balance in system care. A necessary form of emotional stabilization is thus guaranteed with a high probability.

Emotional Stabilization - Copyright Michael Höffken

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World of our Soul

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  • Identity of the Soul

    With many clients I have worked on the origin of their unique soul identity, making it clear to them that they have gone on a new earth journey as souls in this host body with predefined planning drafts and prescriptions of goals in order to make new learning experiences in order to advance their own soul maturation.

  • Musical Soul Yourney

    I will be supported therapeutically and supported by meditative music and video productions to deal with individual problem areas of human behaviour in the required everyday life and offer practical solutions. All therapeutic stories and metaphors used are derived from a pool of experience that we have practiced for many years and are ourselves recorded in the studio.

  • Harmony of Spirit and Soul

    All used music and video productions serve the purposeful relaxation of soul and spirit and are without exception own creative products and own musical compositions, which are recorded in the own professional recording studio.

Time out for the Soul

Many people are under psychological suffering. They are all the more striving for emotional stabilization. I invite all those interested to treat their soul to a time-out in a relaxed atmosphere. In particular, it is important to regularly take oneself out of the daily requirement ring. A regular meditation puts you in a healthy form in a meaningful “standby mode”.

Harmony of Soul and Spirit

Emotional Stabilization

These steps of meditative self-help with emotional stabilization and self-healing will help to recharge your energetic force fields. The working alliance of soul and spirit can then strengthen itself all the more and strengthen the inner harmony. You will again feel a curiosity to take the wheel yourself with more personal responsibility for regulating your conflict relations. You are also striving to implement new sustainable life concepts. With more inner satisfaction you will ultimately mature a potential for hope. It is highly likely that this life will still have positive twists and turns ready for you, if you like it.