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Blog with important information for making contact and the underlying literature, news for new productions as well as important web addresses and FAQ, i.e. frequently asked questions.


Some pioneers of hypnotherapy, but especially an important pioneer of modern electronic sound synthesis using synthesizers, are just a few examples of much more sources.

Milton Erickson


Pioneer and founder of hypnotherapy


Vadim Zeland

Literary Novelist

Hypnotherapeutically supported studies on reality control


Dr. Michael Newton

Repatriation therapist

Fascinating hypnotic approach to life after death


Jean-Michel Jarre

Synthesizer Artist

Important pioneer of creative synthesizer music



On the timeline, news about new productions on guided meditation and musical soul journeys are regularly announced here. Therefore, the entire production process is clearly visible for interested parties.

Guided Meditation – Mirror of the World

First publication of Guided Meditation in February 2017

Web Addresses

Here are some important web – addresses of my website listed, so I encourage you to visit these pages and leave feedback on my blog

Recommended Literature

All the literature sources mentioned can be obtained on the web and there in corresponding online stores. However, it should be emphasized that only a limited selection is mentioned here, so interested parties should make themselves more comprehensively informed. I will keep making alternative literature suggestions in my news.

Die Reisen der Seele

Where do we go after death? Dr. Michael Newton’s awakening book provides fascinating answers to these questions.

Milton Erickson lebt

Milton H. Erickson is still regarded as a pioneer of hypnotherapy


Their entire worldview is in question, because the author proves: Reality is controllable!

Gespräche mit Gott

Neale Donald Walsch has acquired a huge, committed following and readership with his famous trilogy “Gespräche mit Gott”.


This FAQ section lists frequently asked questions. The content is updated regularly.

Where to get the Music?

All music productions are conceived and recorded in our own professional recording studio. All tracks can be purchased on the subpage “Audio” in the submenus by clicking on the pictures and using the corresponding PayPal buttons.

Where do the Space Videos come from?

All video productions are produced with the own licensed “Space Engine Software” and the editing software “Magix Video Pro X”, underlaid with self-produced meditation music, and serve as a carpet for the guided meditations.

Do you offer Therapy Lessons ?

After many years of clinical psychiatric work, I have now retired to my studio and am working on hypnotherapeutically supported, guided meditations, especially from the perspective of our soul.

Do you produce also other artists in your Studio?

No, my studio work as musician, therapist and sound engineer serves exclusively the realization of my own creative projects.

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