Guided Meditation - Copyright Michael Höffken
This guided meditation opens doors to a musical soul journey that reflects the life plan of our soul. Our spirit and the scope for creative living in the sense of maintaining our own mental hygiene are thus expanded.

Guided Meditation – Musical Soul Yourney


by and with Dipl.-Psych. Michael Höffken

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation in the form of a therapeutically guided musical soul journey includes healing music as an accompanying medium. In this approach, the point of view and thus the language of our soul in particular should have its say. I will focus on illuminating the world into which our soul returns after our earthly death with the instrument of guided meditation. This makes it clear that we human children need have no fear of death, especially since this earthly life is only one stage in the journey of many of our souls. In conclusion, however, we are all the more called to fill this life creatively with values and content so that our soul can mature. Thus it seems likely that souls will receive valuable starting conditions for the next, surely imminent earthly lif

Musical Soul Yourney

On their soul journey our souls find recognition in this then spiritual life between the lives, thus up there in our true home of the spiritual world in the circle of their ancestral soul group for their accomplished maturing work. Above all, however, souls receive peace and relaxation as well as recovery from the efforts of the training ground earth. In addition, with the help of experienced souls (spirit guides, group, research souls, council of elders), planning work with new definitions of goals for a renewed earthly life, for a renewed soul journey will soon begin.

Get curious about the fascination of this magical world of souls without fears. Above all, in addition to creative mental development, unimagined spherical sound worlds and visual beauties that far exceed our human imagination await us there. Exactly for this reason I use my creative impulses as a studio musician of many years and let these sources of power flow into my hypnotherapeutic work in various form (music, video and photo projects). Music is especially important, especially since all human children carry these magical worlds in them on their musical soul journey.

Mental Hygiene

In addition to body hygiene, psychohygiene is of central importance in everyday life. To clarify and deepen my approach, I will present audio- and video-supported training stimuli in the form of therapeutic metaphors and stories with the instrument “Guided Meditation“. Every person with an appropriate willingness to motivate can incorporate these highly effectively into his or her daily work. In conclusion, the hypnotherapeutic lighting and processing of underlying theoretical concepts will be expressly dispensed with in order not to fatigue interested visitors with boundless explanations. Rather, they should be unknowingly curious and let the therapeutic content, accompanied by their own meditatively healing music productions, have an intensive effect on them. In this way, an effective form of mental hygiene is possible.

As this project of guided meditation will gradually build up, I invite you to stop by regularly to participate in the constantly expanding training steps. More than the usual meditation approach we lift ourselves to the level and perspective of our soul. The soul journey sheds all the more light on the true meaning of our life, the claim to practise regular mental hygiene. The target perspective will be that every 3 months a new therapeutic training unit with healing music will be released, all of which is produced in our own professional recording studio.

What can you expect ?

I will go with you on a musical soul journey, tell you therapeutic metaphors and stories from the fascinating world of our souls, which were won in hypnotherapeutic feedback sessions. I will prove that there is no reasonable reason to be afraid of earthly death. But I will encourage you all the more to live up to an aspiration to creatively fill your life with strategies of your own mental hygiene in order to promote the maturation process of your soul Dipl.-Psych. M. Höffken
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New way of Guided Meditation – Everything from self-made sources

At the beginning classical meditation techniques are used for a deeper state of relaxation. Within the framework of this trance induction doors open gradually to subconscious and superconscious worlds, in which we can come into contact with our human mind, but also with our soul, gently in a trusting shelter.
After reaching these miraculous worlds, reports of soul experiences are waiting for us emotionally relaxed, but especially practical learning suggestions from the point of view and with language, with the mode of translation of our soul.
Therapeutically used metaphors and learning stories originate from a therapeutic experience pool, that has been gained over many years. All these stories are creative products of my own, self-tuned and recorded in my own professional recording studio.
Accompanying and deepening sound worlds are derived from high-quality and self-composed Meditation Music, which I play myself as an experienced musician in my own studio.
Ultimately, musical and therapeutic impulses flow into YouTube Video productions, which are elaborately arranged with licensed Space Engine Software. There thematically chosen galactic worlds and spheres offer a meaningful analogy to the complex and long-lasting Soul Yourney of experience. At the same time, this sublime expanse and silence fosters a basic feeling of relaxation and calmness. We can realize that earthly references to problems lose their meaning here. They can be worked on in a solution-oriented manner.
By merging these components of the effect, a new concept of Guided Meditation is finally created with almost equal exposure perspectives of body, soul and spirit. There are structural specifications for the maturing of improved resources in everyday life, for a positive and vitalizing basic attitude towards earthly life.

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Mental Hygiene
 Guided meditation as a musical soul journey for a daily training session of one’s own mental hygiene

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Guided Meditation – Musical Soul Yourney – Mental Hygiene

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